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About Wayne's Watercolour Classes


These classes are designed for students who have limited or no experience with watercolour painting, perhaps having dabbled in other mediums and probably best having some drawing experience.  A materials list is provided plus advice on suitable and economical equipment for the studio and plein air (painting in 'The Wilds').  The basics are covered including; equipment and materials, motivation, drawing, composition, colour mixing, paint elements and principles of design. Classes usually 10-12 students.

Intermediate / Advanced

These classes are designed for students who have some experience with watercolour painting OR who are quite experienced in another medium and wish to extend their capabilities into the wonderful world of watercolour painting.  Although a common resource is often employed as a focus subject, participants are encouraged to pursue their own interpretation and emphasis within the classes.  Some students are happy to dedicate the majority of their class time to their own projects.  Landscapes are a  popular learning genre although we do delve into still lives and abstracts.

Typical students are generally comfortable with drawing, laying a wash and mixing colours although individual coaching is always provided. Extension areas are; staying motivated, perspective, colour theory, elements and principles of design. Classe size 10-12 students.

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