How do I join? 

Join at the gallery in Lake Street Forster or click this button...

How do I find out more about the classes? 

At the gallery or at  www.forstergallery.org  and the Forster Gallery Facebook https://www.facebook.com/midcoastart/


When are the major exhibitions? 

At various times of the year, usually coinciding with school holidays. Event details are published on  www.forstergallery.org and the Forster Gallery Facebook as well as through local social media and news media.


Can people living with a disability join in? 

Yes, most certainly, as we have wheel chair accessibility, a dedicated drop-off area, disabled parking and an inclusive membership.


Are there discounts for seniors? 

No, as there are quite a few seniors already enjoying membership.Our membership is affordable for everyone.


What does it cost? 

Currently $45 due 1st July each year.


Do you have to be a good artist to join? 

Not at all as the society is about helping people enjoy art while developing their own abilities in a supportive and social environment.

Are there any age restrictions for younger artists? 

No, as long as a responsible supervising adult is available to accompany young ones when and where requested by the society.