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FORSTER GALLERY is run by the

Great Lakes Art Society Inc.


We are an authentic local visual art gallery in Forster, NSW, where our artistic community

creates and sells affordable art and visitors can  discover and enjoy varied art works in many mediums by local artists.


How do you find us ?

Forster Gallery is at 34 Lake Street in Forster NSW within the Great Lakes area of the Mid Coast LGA and is the home of Great Lakes Art Society. The gallery is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm and open every day during our major exhibitions.


Forster Gallery

Forster Gallery has a display of affordable and varied local art created by the 170 or so members of Great Lakes Art Society,  who range from beginners to well established professional artists. 


The bright and airy gallery has wheelchair access, a dedicated drop-off area, accessible toilets and off street parking. Forster Gallery is indeed a rare gem!



Great Lakes Art Society

Join online through our website or at the gallery in Lake Street Forster. 

We run classes throughout the week in different mediums catering to different skill levels for members wishing to create their own art. 

Our friendly and non-competitive classes are small and inclusive of the wider community and our enthusiastic tutors will support and help develop your art journey. Members can also connect with other artists while attending workshops conducted by local and visiting artists in a convenient and dedicated location where the learning area is well lit and comfortable.



How do I join? 

Join at the gallery in Lake Street Forster or click the button at the top of this page.

What is the benefit of being a member? 

You can be supported in your art journey while developing your appreciation of art alongside like minded people in a social, friendly environment. You will receive notification of all our activities including workshops and classes as well as social events.


How do I find out more about the classes? 

At the gallery or at  and the Forster Gallery Facebook


When are the major exhibitions? 

At various times of the year, usually coinciding with school holidays. Event details are published on and the Forster Gallery Facebook as well as through local social media and news media.

Can people living with a disability join in? 

Yes, most certainly, as we have wheel chair accessibility, a dedicated drop-off area, disabled parking and an inclusive membership.


Are there discounts for seniors? 

No, as there are quite a few seniors already enjoying membership. Our membership is affordable for everyone.


What does it cost? 

New membership is $50 and renewal is $45 due 1st July each year.

Do you have to be a good artist to join? 

Not at all as the society is about helping people enjoy art while developing their own abilities in a supportive and social environment.

Are there any age restrictions for younger artists? 

No, as long as a responsible supervising adult is available to accompany young ones when and where requested by the society.


Our Mission

Gallery is a community place for visual art.

Our Vision

To inspire creativity and learning, share ideas and enable friendships amongst members and our wider community; to provide a platform for promotion and appreciation of visual art. 

 What We Do

Our visual art gallery in Lake Street Forster is run entirely by volunteers. It is a place to meet the locals and enjoy what we create. We run exhibitions, classes and workshops. The gallery showcases visual art throughout the year.

Our classes for members run in school terms. 

Our one and two day workshops are open to the everyone and are held throughout the year.


Great Lakes Art Society Incorporated (GLAS) trades as Forster Gallery and MidCoast Community Art

GLAS Encourages and promotes amateur artistic endeavours and the cultivation of art in all mediums and provides a means of social discourse between artists, art lovers and patrons.

GLAS has been holding exhibitions of the highest possible standard for public viewing and sale for 41 years in Forster / Tuncurry and has been working to raise the standard of art by arranging suitable tutorials, drawing and film nights and lectures by competent teaching artists.

Our History

Great Lakes Art Society Inc. was formed in 1983 by a group of artists in  beautiful Forster NSW.

The group raised money to build Forster Gallery in Lake Street in 1999 where we showcase and sell the work that we create and run our Community Art classes and workshops.

Who We Are

Great Lakes Art Society is a registered charity and incorporated organization administered by a committee of annually-elected volunteers. Operating from a purpose-built facility in Lake Street Forster, it provides regular art classes and art exhibitions for artists in the local community.


Committee meetings are held monthly on the last Monday of each month.

Update meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of each month. 

The Annual General Meeting is held in August or September.

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