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 Weekend Workshops

Watercolour Impressions
2 day workshop with Chan Dissanyake
NEW DATE!   May 3-4, 2025 


3 & 4 May 2025
Forster Gallery, 
34 Lake Street, Forster 
Price: Members $240 – non-Members $280 
Enquiries and bookings: or phone 0401 761 812

 Artist Short Biography 

Chan Dissanayake is a multi-award winning watercolour artist living in Canberra ACT.  Over the last 25 years his passion has turned to watercolour, a medium that thrives in spontaneous response and free expression. 

His mastery is manifested by the vast subject matter that he tackles from rural landscapes, urban city scapes to coastal seascapes. In 2017, Chan received the ultimate accolade for an Australian watercolourist when he was elected to the elite Australian Watercolour Institute.


Known for his innovative approach to teaching and generosity in sharing his knowledge, Chan has gained a considerable reputation as an outstanding tutor. He conducts workshops throughout the country and leads international painting tours for Travelrite International. Currently, he teaches watercolour at the ANU (Australian National University). He has contributed many articles to leading art publications including International Artist, Australian Artist and Artists Palette. His quick and direct approach to watercolour has earned him much success and respects both nationally and internationally.

Workshop information 

This 2 Day workshop will suit students who have been exposed to the medium of watercolour and want to extend their knowledge to the next level. It will specifically concentrate on how to inject and capture the mood of the subject. The truly magical qualities of watercolour can best be demonstrated in portraying atmospheric effects. A variety of subjects will be tackled, producing two paintings a day from start to finish; each painting will be chosen to demonstrate a certain technique or a key learning point. There will be lots of useful discussions as well as tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls. 



chan.dissanayake.artist @chandissanayake

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