Join in our classes at Forster Gallery which are run at our local art gallery.
As a member, you can exhibit your work in our local art gallery.
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and 1-4pm

Oil Painting


10 -1  pm

Art Care Plus

Friendship Group





9.30 - 12.30 pm

&  1-4pm



Ist and 3rd of the month

2 - 4 pm

Life Drawing

with a model 


 !0 - 1pm


Oil Painting 

Marilyn Cranfield

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Oil Painting with Marilyn Cranfield, highly trained, award winning artists and tutor.

Marilyn will help you start your wonderful art journey or help you develop your current skills.

Saturday mornings 10am - 1pm. 

Shared morning tea.

Call Marilyn for more information.


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Watercolor Leaves


10- 12 pm& 


Wayne Barry



Artist’s Profile Wayne Barry 

Watercolourist and Watercolour Tutor 


Starting off painting thirty five years ago in the western Riverina district of NSW, I basically had to teach myself in my early years. I was encouraged by the ready market in river and bush scenes for transferring teachers, police and bank officers. Since moving to Old Bar then Forster I have had more opportunity to seek guidance from some of our better known artists; June Young, Barbara Farnham, Lyn Butchart, Ronald Revitt, Robert Wade and more recently Herman Pekel, Grace Pelag, John Wilson, Madeleine Szymanski, Chan Dissanayake and Barry & Lucy McCann. 


My lifetime fascination for water is reflected in my preferred medium. If I’m not painting I’d settle for surfing, surfboat rowing, scuba diving, kayaking or even patrolling the beach (surf lifesaving).


I admire the watercolours of Hans Heysen, Alvero Castagnet, Herman Pekel, Joseph Zbukvic and Ross Paterson, and was lucky enough to attend the Mitchell School of Creative Arts summer 2004, where I met up with the latter four over tennis and beers. Unfortunately Hans couldn’t make it. 


I have painted mostly seascapes and landscapes of late and I only use artist quality paints and prefer Arches and Saunders internally sized, 100% rag papers, 300g and 640g. My paintings have spread far and wide around the globe, I only wish I could afford to go and visit them occasionally. Still life, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and portraiture all await me now that I’ve extricated myself from my ‘real’ job. I have to admit I am leaning more towards atmosphere and narratives as I grow as an artist.

‘Tis the journey.



Hi everyone, I hope you all have been painting furiously! I'm slowly working my way into NSW and will be back in Forster by the 24th June so, if I have the numbers I will start a 5 week block on that day. I may be able to run a beginners afternoon watercolour class and Intermediated/advanced in the mornings. Please let me know of you are inclined to attend this block at $100 up front.   Contact me on  or phone me.

more information >

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Human Sketch

If you are interested in trying your hand at pastels, call Vicki.
Vicki Bullard 0429 506 883



Life Drawing is a group that meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month for 2 hours between 2pm and 4pm.

The group is organised by Pam Dunne. The group pools funds to pay for the model collectively.

There is no formal tutor.

A message from Pam:-

This is not a lesson. It is come and draw.
Drawing live models is the best way to improve your drawing skills.

There is a variety of abilities within the group. Some members have had life drawing lessons and others none.

I try to get a variety of different models both male and female.


We start with warm up poses of about 30 seconds. For these you are only able to quickly scrawl a gesture. This is just a warmup and to get the feel of the model. We move on to 5 minute and 10-minute poses.

I try to organize Life Drawing lessons, with a tutor, a couple of times a year.


For those who have never done Life Drawing before but are interested in coming along, I would you look at some of the online lessons. There are a variety to be found on you tube.


For more information, 

Please contact Pam Dunne for details.

0412 736 797

Hand Drawing

Art Care Plus is a friendship group of people who have a disability. It is a self guided supportive group. Peter Everingham leads the group and is able to help participants find the support that they need for their art.

For more information, contact

Peter Everingham
0408 716 198



and 1-4pm

Oil Painting

I have been teaching oil painting at Lake Street Gallery for the past 4 years. I teach 2 classes on Tuesdays. The morning class runs from 9:30am-12:30pm. The afternoon class runs from 1-4pm. Classes are $10 each and you only pay when you attend.

     I see my role is as an organizer, helper and motivator, creating a relaxed and safe space where students can develop their skills and talents. In both classes I have beginners and more experienced students. We do guided, step-by-step paintings and free choice paintings.

     Each 3 hour class includes around 30 minutes of me talking about upcoming art related events, anything new we have discovered in the last week and a small art theory segment. The rest of the time is allocated to students painting their art works.   

    We have our own dedicated Facebook Art Group where students can add photos of their paintings, reference images, and generally keep in touch. I encourage my students to pop onto Youtube for oil painting ideas and tutorials.

    Students in the class organize social functions for us all. These include regular luncheons, and before C19, day and overnight art trips.

    Oil painting is such a wonderful tried and tested medium to have fun with. I personally love working with the creamy texture of the oil paints and appreciated how slowly the oil paint takes to dry on the palette as I am generally a slow painter.

    Please  contact